FUJITOKU is introducing our new line of internally developed products. High level technical capabilities were used in product development to anticipate market needs, while keeping safety and the environment top of mind to create ultimate customer satisfaction.

01 Approach to environment through packaging WATER-BASED ROTOGRAVURE PRINTING

Conventional solvent-based ink printing Water-based ink printing Improved the reproducibility

Comparison of residual solvent
between the same printing jobs

80% reduction Solvent-based ink, printed matter Water-based ink, printed matter *A comparative example under certain conditions.

Rough comparison between types of ink

Resina de uretano a base de agua Agua Alcohol Resina de uretano Solvente orgánico •Solvente de esteres •Solvente de ketona Alcohol Resina de uretano Solvente orgánico •Tolueno •Solvente de ketona Alcohol

Comparison of environmental burden by LCA
(from ink manufacturing to printing process)

Resource consumption15%Cut Power consumption40%Cut CO2 emission30%Cut VOC emission85%Cut *Reduction rates against conventional solvent-based rotogravure ink printing.


KP TSA Fujitoku Shrink Nylon Laminate Film is designed for form-fill-sealing machines. Fujitoku Shrink Nylon Casing is a special back-seam tubing that is custom-designed according to the content’s characteristics and process conditions.

Easy-open feature

Docodemo-E cut technology allows users to open the casing without sharp utensils.


This product line will offer optimal structures for various applications including retort, high-temperature and/or low-temperature sterilization, refrigeration and freezing and will satisfy most technical requirements such as barrier and anti-puncture properties.


This product is designed to be user-friendly and is available for both bag-making machines and FFS (form-fill-seal) machines.


TZ-PE:applicable to polyethylene
TZ-PP:applicable to polypropylene

Graphics can be designed for company logos, product names or other designs to be printed on the flange by reverse printing the three layer laminated film.

clear transparent film

Easy Open Feature

This unique slip rib above the zipper profile allows users to easily locate the zipper and open the pouch.



This technology enables pillow packages to be opened horizontally across the overwrapped sealing area without spilling the contents or spoiling any part of printed information. Smart-Cut zipper pouch, or a combination of Smart-Cut and Zipper will improve functionality of pillow pouches.

06 “FUJI・M・O®︎” Digital Rotogravure Printing press

This is a unique press with a combination of high definition digital printing and rotogravure printing with high density white color. This world's first unique press enables Fujitoku to reduce VOC's compared to other water-based rotogravure printing. It also works for well for small lot production.


film feeding unit digital printing unit winding unit water-based rotogravure printing unit

VOC consumption

FUJI・M・O 5% solvent based rotogravure printing 100% water-based rotogravure printing 15%